Ward Métis Mobility Concerns

Walking through the communities since October 3, 2020 we have struggled with many of the icy sidewalks and roads which is a completely different experience to campaigning through the summer months.

We have many seniors and people who have mobility issues living in our mature neighborhoods. Seniors who have contributed to the tax base of our city for generations and who should be able to retire comfortably in place.  The Covid pandemic has highlighted how we have failed this generation on several levels.

Walking through the mature communities it is concerning to see how many of the bus routes are being cancelled.  People have spoken to me about the concern that they will now have to walk ‘longer’ distances to access transit. Or wait – they can go online and book. I can’t imagine suggesting that to my 84 year old mother. Or better yet – they can telephone because we know how efficient that can be.

What resonates with many residents is – Why do we see ‘large’ commuter buses driving through communities at 2 pm? Isn’t this the time of day that small buses could be used?

I don’t often resort to sarcasm however April is just around the corner and transit, taxation and the City Plan will be affecting our mature communities in the name of densification.

Will accessing public transportation become so inconvenient under the current City Plan that seniors (who are on fixed incomes) have to rely on more expensive options?

They want you to choose transit by giving you fewer alternatives.  I want to be your voice and give you more and better choices.  I believe in more efficient roads, more efficient cars and more efficient public transportation and letting people choose what works for them.