City Council has the opportunity to be visionary beyond the economic business plan regarding potential expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant at Gold Bar Park.

To have Bold City Governance and elected accountability to factor multi-generational opportunities above the performance confines of the Sanitary Serving Strategy Fund.

The Trunk network issues highlight the need for a change to the current decision-making governance.

To enable a broader vision and consideration of factors influencing the long-term revitalization and lost opportunity costs of a growing community and the rehabilitation and future reclamation possibilities of our River Valley.

Provide the citizens of Edmonton an opportunity to hold their elected city council accountable for generational strategic decisions with escalated governance versus City Administration led committees tasked with implementation and operational roles.

Gold Bar Trail saw 196,958 users from June to September 2020 compared to 53, 744 during the same time in 2019. I believe we can agree that parks are a treasured and vital resource for Edmontonians.

Let’s invest in our parks future. The trunk line needs to be routed to the upgraded Capital Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant not the legacy Gold Bar Park treatment facility.