Since October 3, 2020 I’ve been distributing my literature and knocking on thousands of doors in a brand new ward, that is known as Ward Métis to find out what’s important to Edmontonians.

I have been listening closely and have heard many key concerns raised by people.

  • They tell me they want a City Councillor who communicates and takes action for them when they need help. I’ll be that city councillor.
  • They tell me they want a City Councillor who will fight to ensure our tax dollars are used wisely and not one penny is squandered or wasted. I’ll be that city councillor.
  • They tell me they want safe communities, good core services, smart planning decisions and a politician with some good, common sense. I’ll be that city councillor.

Campaigns donations will help our campaign succeed, so I need your financial support. The maximum donation is $5,000, per person.  Small donations make a difference to ensure your voice is heard on City Council and will be greatly appreciated! Corporate or union donations are no longer permitted.

E-transfers can be sent to [email protected] (please provide us with your name and address in a separate email in order that we may accept your donation)

Cheques: Please post your donation to Caroline Matthews, PO Box 68171, 8330 32 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB, T6C 4G0

1. Only candidates can receive contributions during the campaign period. I am officially a candidate, my nomination papers have been accepted.
2. Only individuals who live in Alberta can contribute to a candidate’s campaign.
3. Corporations, unincorporated organizations, employee organizations and trade unions are prohibited from making contributions.
4. Candidates must not accept anonymous contributions.
5. Individuals can contribute up to $5,000 in total to a candidate’s campaign during the campaign period.
6. Candidates can self-fund their campaigns. Those contributions can not exceed $10,000 during the campaign period