The economic and social challenges facing the City of Edmonton today are distinct and incomparable in our history. This city election is a critical opportunity to add experienced, practical voices to our city council – voices like that of Caroline Matthews.

The coronavirus pandemic is not only a severe public health crisis, it has also put thousands of Edmontonians out of work and left countless small businesses struggling to stay alive. These economic pressures are causing real harm to families and communities, straining the social safety net, increasing crime and disorder on our streets, and raising serious concerns about our City’s fiscal future.

Edmontonians are looking for strong, competent political leadership. They want a City Council that is focused on the basics of civic government – good roads, efficient transit, safe streets and communities, consistent and effective pandemic risk management, and a competitive tax and regulatory framework that encourages business investment and job creation. Caroline is offering a new voice and direction to City Council. Fiscal responsibility, sound decision making and efficient use of resources to create safe and prosperous communities.

Even before the pandemic hit, Edmonton had a long history of unrelenting property tax increases, chronic failure to build anything on time and budget, massively subsidized LRT expansion, expenditures on political vanity projects, and a Council that routinely puts activists and interest groups ahead of ratepayers.

It’s time for new voices and a new direction and the 2021 Edmonton civic election is an opportunity to elect a new Council dedicated to building A City That Works.