Communities are made up by the people who live there.  Neighbourhood Libraries contribute to pride and belonging.

Newton Saturday morning. The thaw may have begun, but icy sidewalks can be treacherous, stay safe out there and keep your feet under you.

Newton, Saturday afternoon. A lot of our neighbours have gorgeous puppies.
Local business open for early spring grooming.
Listening to community residents in Kenilworth
Enjoying our communities and being able to stop and give a lovely pooch a treat.
Do you want a City Councillor who takes your concerns and needs to City Hall?
Your Voice for a New Choice!
In Beacon Heights this weekend. I heard the need for City Hall to listen to our mature communities, priority on core services, safe and maintained neighborhood parks....
Want a councillor who will listen and carry your voice to City Hall ?
Let me hear from you.
This is one of the 4 coffee boutiques that I owned and sold with an average of 80 employees. We relied on filling this number of covers on a daily basis to sustain the costs. Small businesses need your help more than ever after a year of restricted service.
The Probat coffee roaster in the corner was our signature fresh roasted coffee beans! Yes, I lived the experience of having a business in a pedestrianized city center.
Vote for lived experience for your next city councillor!
We are season ticket holders for the CFL so it was a great honor to meet Marco Cyncar, a member of four Grey Cup championship teams for Edmonton !
The neighborhood renewal project by the City of Edmonton will drastically change the historic, iconic and Wide boulevards on Ada Boulevard and 111th Avenue.  We spoke to so many residents (yes residents who live there and pay the property taxes, some for over 25 years) who are dismayed that the City of Edmonton is Not listening and Not compromising. Elected City Council should listen to their communities. Caroline Matthews - a voice for change.
We were door knocking in the Highlands community and speaking to SO many residents who are concerned with the neighborhood renewal and Narrowing of 'their' community roads that have been successfully shared for years.  Balanced reporting of community events would ensure that the voices of residents are heard.  Their voices should supersede special interest groups.